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英文自我介绍 篇1

  Thank you for your busy schedule reading my self-recommendation.

  I'm currently a senior in Northeast Petroleum University, majoring in petroleum engineering. Over the past three years, I have been equipped with the basic knowledge of petroleum engineering and mastered office software. Owing to my hard-study, i was rewarded "The National Scholarship" and "National Encouragement Scholarship". Meanwhile, I have passed CET4/6 and The National Computer Examination easily.

  Besides, I also pay attention to cultivate personal ability. Serving as a league branch secretary of my class, I am possessed of strong capacity of organizing , coordinating, communicating. Participating in various activities eiched my experience from which I learned the values of teamwork, commitment, innovation, how to work hard, how to concentrate and focus on goals and how to balance my time and priorities.I enjoy thinking, learning, challenge, and be able to bear pressure,endure hardship. My experience and the challenge, intense competition, diverse work environment of XXX have led me to want to work for your company. This unparalleled company have a strong appeal to me. I have full cofidence that i'm qualified for the position you offer. I'm expecting to join this excellent team. I would appreciate your time in reviewing my resume and if further information is needed, please contact me.

英文自我介绍 篇2

  My name is XX. I come from XX. I major in XX, and I have had got my B.A. degree in July 200X from XX University. Generally speaking, I am an extroverted girl/boy with strong desire for knowledge as well as vigor for action. During my four years in the college, I have grown a real exuberant spirit for life. I would admit proudly that I have had a good command of my professional field, and a great range of extending courses.

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英文自我介绍 篇4

  I come from the south of henan xx. From ancient times, I have been a great talent, and I have accepted the excellent education of xx in this great talent. I am proud that I can finally use my talent to interpret the land's people. I look forward to it, and now it is you who will be able to listen to the growing voice of xx.

  I like the flute, like the piano, like to express my love for life with or soothing or warm music, and explain my understanding of life. And like the longing seems to have come from the expression of broadcasting and hosting, I hope I can like ni ping with sweat and tears for love "days", would you like to "pain and happy" with bai yansong, understand cui yongyuan "so" behind the pay and the human nature, and stood side by side in the story "frontier" shui junyi, like Huang Jianxiang "like a hero to fight for his ideal.

  The realization of a real desire to be able to calculate the paradise. Now, the broadcast host, is the place I most want to go to, I will hold tightly to the dream not to put, the stubborn guard, sincere expectation. I know, I like a chrysalis, need more hardships and self-motivated, I hope I can get this chance, so as to let himself into the most beautiful butterfly, infinite close to that of guanghua and glory of broadcasting and hosting.

  Thank you!

英文自我介绍 篇5

  It is my great honor to have this opportunity to introduce myself. and I hope I could make a good performance today, eventually become a member of your school. Now let me introduce myself please. I’m a graduate student from MAOMING UNIVERSITY . My name is TOM ,21 years old. , born in MAOMING. GuangDong province . My major is English, and I will graduate this June. In the past 3 years,I spent most of my time on English studying and practise. I have a good command of both spoken and written English and past CET-4 with a ease. Skilled in use of Office 20xx, excel. My graduate school training combined with my cadet teacher should qualify me for this particular job.

  Although perhaps I’m not the best among the candidates, but with my strong knowledge background and full enthusiasm for education, I am sure I will satisfy you well.

  As a college student, I concentrated on studying modern teaching

  technology. I have acquired enough essential and fundamental knowledge of English teaching in the past three years. Since September 20xx, with great interest, I have been doing student cadre for almost each semester and formed good team-work spirits. It also kindly provided me crucial guidance to analyze interpersonal relationship. My teachers and

  classmates describe me as a reliable and considerate person. Other than my major study, I have master a great skills in computer operation. One month as cadet teacher in the March of 20xx, not only did i obtain enough first hand experience in my field but also gradually realized that the career I have chosen is sacred and significant. Therefore, I am determined to become a diligent, hardworking, and responsible educator. Last but not least, I will be fully committed and I am confident to work efficiently and meticulously under pressure as a competent team member. I welcome the opportunity to speak with senior management further regarding my qualifications for the position.

  Thank you very much for your attention!

英文自我介绍 篇6

  Thank you for giving me this opportunity for this (phone) interview.

  My Chinese name is XXX and you can call me XXX which is my English name . I’m from XXX ,a city in XXX province. But I want to stay in XXX to find a suitable job for myself.

  I worked as a Junior Software Engineer in XXX ,and I have about 1 year work experience. My major work was Java Web development based on spring, struts and hibernate framework. I also did some other things like writing test cases, doing detailed designs and so on.I think I'm a good team player in project teams.

  I was good at maths and i was really into learning new things so it was an easy decision to major in XXX at XXX University . I spent most of my time on study in college. I have acquired basic knowledge of my major and gained a good academic performance.I also have passed CET6 during my college years. Now I also learn IELTS during the spare time to improve my English skills.

  I am eager to get an opportunity to fully play my ability,my computer skills and English skills. I think this job is a good choice and I can be competent for this job!!. That’s all,thank you.

英文自我介绍 篇7

  Hello ~! (bow)

  My name is XXX. I am from XX in hunan. I am cheerful, upright and easy-going. I usually play basketball, mountain climbing and running.

  I'm very happy and very honored to join the "XX" this big family, not only provides me with a growth exercise, good platform to show themselves, also let me have the opportunity to meet more new colleagues, new friends. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your leadership. Thank you for giving me such a good opportunity. (bow)

  I am a new arrival, and there are many aspects of knowledge to learn from you, and I hope you can give more advice in future work!

  I believe that through our mutual understanding and the understanding between each other, we will not only become a career go hand in hand with the struggle comrades, will become a life like-minded, blame friends.

  Finally, I would like to work together with all of you for our common cause!

  Thank you!