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英文自我介绍 篇1

  Good morning (afternoon), my name is xx, I am xx, and I am a student of 13 airlines in xx school. I love sports, especially basketball, spare time often teacher and classmates in basketball competition, at the same time I am in the class athletics member of committee, responsible for the morning exercises, the lesson hold LingCao work and organize sports activities in the P.E. class, cooperate with the teacher. As a student, I clearly realize the importance of knowledge, although I don't know in the future work with not to use, but both academic knowledge and specialized knowledge, I have a serious study.

  In order to strengthen their own ability to survive, during the summer vacation I also worked on a tobacco company in my hometown, is mainly responsible for handling work, work very hard, but I still insist on down, I think in the working process of the growth. This time I want to apply for xx company's ground work, I think, ground's main job is passenger check-in at the airport counter, inspection certificates, luggage weighing, seat allocation and the drawer, etc., so I need a man with a responsible, careful, hard-working, the spirit of the far, I have do a good job is ready to receive challenges, I hope you can give me a chance to interview. thank you



英文自我介绍 篇2

  I am cheerful, generous, good knowledge of etiquette and reception work experience, the mind is flexible, quick reaction, can be flexible to deal with the unexpected events in the work. I think the reception work of the front desk represents the image of the company. Although the post is ordinary but very important, it needs a strong sense of responsibility to do the reception work well and I am willing to develop and progress together with your company.

英文自我介绍 篇3

  我的名字叫丁xx,今年9岁了,我在孟晏完小三年级读书。我有一双明亮的眼睛,在长长的睫毛衬托下显得更加迷人。我有一个小巧的鼻子,有一张小小的嘴巴,我的身高是1米3左右。大家都说我长的非常可爱,像一个布娃娃。大家 都我很文静,像个小淑女,我的爱好是学习,因为只有学习好了长大才能做想做的事,除了学习我的爱好是打羽毛球,因为打羽毛球可以锻炼身体。我的优点是帮妈妈做家务,而且同学生气的时候我还能给同学逗笑。但是我有一个最大的缺点是胆小,有一次晚间睡觉的时候妈妈有事出去了,我非常害怕。我现在是班级的学习委员,要以身作则,好好学习。

英文自我介绍 篇4

  i can be certainly in the job the value that get taking exercise and realizes oneself. in the meantime

  official of everybody take an examination ofing is good, can stand to attend interview here today, organic meeting is consulted to official of everybody take an examination ofing and learn, i feel exceeding honor. the hope can reveal him to everybody through this interview, hope everybody remembers me. i cry. . . . , this year. . year old. the han nationality, law undergraduate course. i like to look at ordinary times book and get online the information that browse.

  my disposition is more optimistic, amiable. can concern the anything all round, with the family member the friend can get along well, and was full of confidence to the life. i had jackarooed in the procuratorate before, have certain practice experience so. in 4 years of outer attend school, my nurturance firm disposition, this kind of disposition makes i overcame a few difficulty in learn and living, go in actively. becoming worker of a law is the strong desire since i am old. if i have an opportunity by the word of employ, i think, i can be certainly in the job the value that get taking exercise and realizes oneself. in the meantime, i also realise, the relationship of person and job establishs the foundation in ego acknowledge to go up, i think i am capable to also confidence has done this work.

  officeholder is a divine and noble profession, what it goes after is public interest is the biggest change, the primary purpose that it exists is humanness civilian service, serve for the country. lei feng has said: ? of bi of xing of cowardly of of saying offer and humanness civilian service is infinite, i should go to limited life investment to be people indefinitely among the service. this also is my cognitive to officeholder best explanation. so, this job can realize my social ideal and life value, hope everybody can approbate me, give me this chance!

英文自我介绍 篇5

  i think one of the things i have been talking about, the mentorship, we have so many services. there is score, offices manned by retired executives, or executives lending their time to advise on business programs, web design, to kind of walk youthrough how you can expand and scale your business. small business development centers are also available. you can go to any of those district offices, 68 around the country. those areeven more bountiful in the district offices in every state. you cango to sba.gov and look at the different modules. you can self-study. lots of tools are available.one of the things i got excited about in early discussionswith ms. mcmahon about the capacity of sba, most people think of it along the lines of capital. availability of capital, and how they can support businesses in that regard. these mentorship opportunities are very impactful. as i meet with entrepreneurs,consistently they talk about what is the biggest barriers to scaling a business is lack of mentorship opportunities. that is what made the difference in terms of execution on their ideas.first of all, congratulations on now being a small business owner and job creator. thank you for your service prior to that as a firefighter. my advice to you would be to look at the whole ecosystem as you think about how to start this business for thefirst time . l

  isten to a lot of people, including people who say your ideas are bad. internalize that feedback. ultimately, i think that thinking through and bringing on partners, and people that can complement your skill set and help you to think about theexecution of your business plan is critical as you think aboutscale any meaningful way. in addition to utilizing resources,getting feedback, from people about the idea and the concept, think about how you can supplement your team to complement the skill set that you have.

  any other questions? ok.

英文自我介绍 篇6

  it’s a great pleasure for me to write to explore the possibility of seeking the job.

  I graduated two years ago from ******,and obtained ***** degree in the field of business management.During my stay in the university my major course included macro-economic,business communication skills,marketing and computer applications.I was especially fond of the coumnication skills which enabled me to dead with people and things around well.

  Upon graduation I engaged with ***** as an assistant to the head of *****Department. My responsibilities consisted of carrying out market surveys,writing reports and organizing meetings within the department.This two-year experience has helped me a lot in many ways.In particular, I become increasingly aware of the importance of co-ordination and co-operation among coworkers. I also believe that the experience will qualify me for the current vacancy in your company.

  I passed both CET-4 and CET-6 with high marks. my spoken English is also fulent enough to organize meetings in English.And my former boss was a native English speaker.

  I enclose here in my resume and some relevant documents as required.And if you need any further information on me,I also refer you to Mr.***, my ex-colleague, who is available at ***-******.

  I appreciate your sincere consideration of me, and am looking forward to an early interview with you.

英文自我介绍 篇7

  My name is xx-x. I graduated from xx-x university administrative professional, through two years of administrative work, I developed a comprehensive and strong competence. Well behaved good shape, integrity and pragmatic, responsible for work, team spirit, strong communication, organization, production cooperation ability, self-motivated; adhere to the principle of, strict work style, strong sense of responsibility.

  My personality is straightforward, optimistic, confident for me, frankly, work conscientiously, acceptance and understanding, like singing, listening to music, reading, hiking, diary etc. for myself to do will be dedicated due diligence will do its best, can use the shortest time to adapt no matter in any environment.

  I have good communication skills, good communication skills, have done real estate in Shanghai, have good performance, strong independence, love sales industry

  I am optimistic, outgoing, passionate and pragmatic; sincere; responsible for the work, with a hard-working, hard-working spirit; strong ability to adapt, have good organization and coordination capacity; good at learning and concluded that the absorption ability; thinking, quick thinking, not rigid, have a strong sense of ; the spirit. Serious person, do the work of the principle of life; have a positive attitude towards life and a wide range of hobbies; artistic and creativity, team spirit and collective attention, I hope I can go to your company, and the company with the development of a common destiny.

英文自我介绍 篇8

  My name is xxx, from Class 2, Grade six,xxxx Primary School. I'm doing well in my study, besides I'm the monitor of my class and I get on well with my classmates.

  I'm a happy and talented girl. I'm good at drawing and many of my drawings have won prizes. At the same time, I like telling stories.

  I'm interested in learning English very much, and I believe that I will do well in future. I won't let you down!